– Featured Shows –

2018. “Melagne Fusion” Support of the embjadas of Ecuador, Colombia and Guatemala. Peripheri – Arts Project. Bern. Switzerland.

2018. “The flavor of mango and the color of Orange” Peripheri – Arts Project. Latin American art forum. Bern. Switzerland.

2018. TRAUMSTOFF, “tissue of dreams”. Peripheri – Arts Project. Bern. Switzerland.

2017. Curatorship – “Symmetric habits and other addictions”, Neiva. Colombia

2017. Departmental culture contest. Special selected winner. Colombia. Huila, Colombia

2016. Art curator and Exhibition COLOMBIASUR, “Youth and Sur-Realities”. Västeras, Stockholm, Oslo. Sweden – Norway

2016. Curatorship. Parallel World, “Reflections on Photography” Universidad Surcolombiana, Huila. Colombia.

2016. Curatorship and presentation of the Book, By the Spiral Path, “Vector reflections on the shamanic graphic in the culture of San Agustín” Nieva. Colombia.

2015. Art curator and Exhibition COLOMBIASUR, “Women who count and reconstruct memories”, Västeras, Kulturcentrum. University of Uppsala. Sweden.

2015. 3a Caliza departmental collective exhibition. Identity construction from the periphery. Palermo Colombia.

2014. Art curator and Exhibition COLOMBIASUR, “Culture of peace in violent times”: Lund, Västerås, Stockholm. Sweden.

2013. TRANSMUTATION Curator, “Colombia: Memories of War and Dignity”. Center of Historical Memory, MACH Museum of Contemporary Art of Huila. Colombia.