The process as an Artwork

A simple illustration with coals, literally taken from logs and wood that has been used to make fire. Sometimes we find unusual but very simple materials and places which can be used to practice drawings and do sketch exercises. In this case I carry out an illustration exercise with colored coals and chalk.

Time lapse Friends of the house Vol I To start the series of – The friends of the house – The people of Palermo as the setting for anecdotal characters, by heart and in a gesture of admiration for the stories that come daily to my art studio. Friends, colleagues and stories come together to collectively build our identity, on the canvas the characters, in life their stories. Thanks to our friend with whom we opened the series

How to fix a t-shirt with an illustration drawn with threads! VOL I In my work as an artist I also like to make small video clips of some ideas or short records, I hope you like them.

The poster project by the Rodrigo Lara Bonilla School of the City of Neiva, Colombia. This clip can be a small sample for my students about the development of a graphic piece from the beginning; I hope you like it. You will see more than 20 hours of work in summary of 3:33 minutes.