About Donathello Gualy

Plastic and Visual Artist, from Francisco Jose de Caldas District University ASAB School of Arts, Scholar of the Ministry of Culture – Colombia, Curator of art with international circulation and development of regional research and creation projects, documentation and argumentation in critical proposals; art curator, painter, illustrator, designer and draftsman, he has been a professor at the Surcolombiana University (Colombia), a high school teacher and a curator at TEDx, Neiva – Huila – Colombia. 

After his grade, Donathello was the winner of a Ministry of culture scholarship where he presented a curatorial art exposition in Sweden about the Colombian war victims. His artwork talked about the resilience and new ways to understand the atypical over the different Colombian migration conflicts, a state without laws, but also what is the best way to understand the victims’ spirituality.  

Since 2014 he has had the opportunity to demonstrate his art in Sweden, Norway and specially Switzerland, along with the known art curatorial and gallery owner Miler Ramirez in Peripheri Arts – Bern, where Donathello had the chance to show different curatorial art forms in four art shows supported by Latin American embassies.

Dony likes to drink coffee, listen to asian music, play video games, sew and make his own clothes and also design clothes and flannels.


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